CERO POT TRAP (Traps the Potty Stink) UNISEX 200ml

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Spray on the Surface of Water in the POT, Before and After you Do your BIG JOB!, and No one will know what you DID
Forms a thin Barrier layer of Perfume over the water surface which traps the Potty Stink
POT TRAP stops bathroom odours before they ever begin. REALLY!!
MOST USEFUL FOR: Parties, Guests, Stinky Husbands, Restaurants, Planes
Unique Formula made of Essential oils and other natural compounds; NO harsh chemical, NO phenyl, NO alcohol, NO formaldehyde; Only stink fighting Goodness

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CERO POT TRAP is a one of its kind Unique UNISEX Odour Eliminator ‘Before and After You Potty Spray’. When you spray POT TRAP into the W/c before you DO your BIG Job!, our Unique formula creates a protective barrier layer over the water surface. This barrier is engineered to trap unpleasant bathroom odours beneath the surface and keep them out of the air. All you will smell is a refreshing scent of perfume! With a bottle of CERO POT TRAP in your handbag, what you do in the bathroom is nobody’s business but yours! POT TRAP’s aromatherapy replaces embarrassment with confidence in any bathroom situation. No need for an aerosol coverup! You (and everyone around you) can breathe easy with POT TRAP. Lemon Grass and other essential oils eliminate bathroom odours, making it safe for the environment and your toilet W/c system. MOST USEFUL FOR: Parties, Guests, Stinky Husbands/Boyfriends, Restaurants, Planes.

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