ECOLIFE 100% Natural Laundry Detergent, Fragrance Free (200ml)

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No Harmful Chemicals, 100% natural, Hand Safe
Natural Antibacterial Properties
Great Natural Scents
Greywater & Septic Safe

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This safe and effective natural dish soap works quickly cutting through dirt, grease and grime leaving dishes sparkling clean without a filmy residue. It’s packed with natural plant extracts and plant derived soap making it family safe and earth friendly. It rinses off easily and is gentle on hands. Tough on Grease, Gentle on Hands Eco Me naturally sudsing Dish Soap is a customer favorite. It provides safe and effective cleaning power without harmful toxins, chemicals or greasy residue. It’s the perfect worry free gentle cleaner for glasses, silverware, baby bottles, countertops or to remove caked on food from dishes or greasy pots and pans. What Makes it Work? Natural Plant Based Cleaning System Plant Essential Oils What it Doesn’t Contain: No Dyes or Colorants No Harsh Preservatives No Sulfates (SLS, SLES, ALS) No Animal Testing or By-Products Pour into sink or directly onto sponge. Gently scrub and rinse. For heavily soiled items, soak in hot soapy water. Ideal to use on dishes, sink, stove, oven and cookware. Not meant for dishwashers.

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