CERO Pigeon Repellent (200 ml)

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Repel and Repulse Pigeon, Free yourself of Pigeon Menace and Smell
Spray Regularly for best results
Pigeon Repellent is a Unique Water Based Formulation
Works best against Pigeon on Ledge / Behind ACs
For Outdoor Use Only

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Use Directions For Best Results 1) Pigeons Have Muscle Memory And The Same Pigeon Comes To The Same Spot Everyday. 2) Spray On The Floors/Walls Where Pigeon Sit. 3) Pigeons Get Repelled Of The Foul Taste And Their Muscle Memory Is Broken. 4) Gradually The Pigeons Stop Visiting The Treated Area. –1St & 2Nd Week: Spray Everyday– –3Nd & 4Th Week: Spray Alternate Days–

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