CERO Brush Magic Instant Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray(200ml)



Instant Makeup Brush Cleaner
Used by Professionals and Artists
Spritz Brush Magic on used brush and scrub brush on soft cloth
Easy to use Spray design
Fast Easy and Effective

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Instant Makeup Brush Cleaner

CERO Brush Magic is an Instant Makeup Brush Cleaner. Used by Professionals and Artists. Spritz Brush Magic on used brush and scrub brush on soft cloth. Easy to use Spray design. Fast Easy and Effective

No-rinse Formula. This is a great alternative when water is not available, because you don’t need water to wash your makeup brush at all. Our no-washing formula is very gentle and can protect your brushes, making the bristles softer, and it also extends your make up brushes’lifespan. Your makeup brush will be glad you did!
Cleans in Minutes. CERO Brush cleaner can deep-cleans natural and synthetic makeup brushes as well as tools like spatulas and refillable palettes. It’s quick-clean and drying in minutes, so you don’t have to deal with every wash rendering your makeup brushes out of commission for a full day.
Easy to Use. Keeping your makeup brushes clean has never been easier! You just need to spray it on makeup brush or soak makeup brush with this cleaner, and then gently wipe the brush back and forth on a towel or paper towel until clean.
Convenient and Safe. A convenient pump design for easy dispensing without mess, you can use it on the go! In addition, CERO Brush cleaner has safe and harmless ingredients can protect your brushes and face. Regular cleaning of the makeup brush can help maintain your skin and face health.

How to clean makeup brush Check Youtube here

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