Cero A Unique Powder That Eliminates Stink From Used Baby Diapers(In) From Used Baby Diapers In Bins

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CERO – Eliminates Nasty Odours from Used Baby Diapers in Bins.
CERO – is a Scientifically Formulated Crystalline Powder.
CERO – is Non Toxic, Eco Friendly.
For a CLEAN and Odour Free Room/Home.

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“CERO the HERO for ur Bin.” Cero is a Scientifically Researched Crystalline Powder, which removes the entire Bad Odour / Stink from soiled Baby Diapers from your Dustbin. ?? Cero is Uniquely Designed for Full-time Mothers/Grandmothers. Does your Dustbin, filled with used Baby Diapers, Stink when you walk past, Stink when you open it and Embarrass you in front of guests? If yes, you need Cero. Cero can Deodorise areas in your home where the baby has pooped! and peed! Cero when added into the Dustbin over Used Baby Diapers will completely eliminate all the Nasty Odour and keep your Room/Home smelling Clean. When your baby has pooped! or peed! in a certain area, clean the area as you would normally and take one cap full of Cero into a bowl and keep it next to this cleaned area. Cero will absorb all the nasty smell and keep your baby, husband and family happy. The Cero Bottle is light weight and can easily be carried in your Baby Bag. You can carry it with you for holidays or night outs. Cero is an ideal gift for Baby Showers and for New Moms. Cero contains NO PERFUME, is a CRYSTALLINE POWDER, is NON TOXIC and ECO FRIENDLY.

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