Cero Antibacterial/Disinfectant Toilet Seat Sanitizer (100Ml) For Travelling Women

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Designed For The Modern Travelling Woman, Fits In Small Bag Or Purse Sanitize Public Toilet Seats (Plane / Train / Restaurants / Etc)
Antimicrobial, Antibacterial And Disinfectant Properties Keeps Your Bathroom/Toilet Seat Germ And Bacteria Free
Spritz 6-10 Sprays On Toilet Seat

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Designed as your Personal Sanitizer for PUBLIC Toilet Seats (Plane / Train / Restaurants / etc) when you travel. CERO TOILET-SPRAY is a unique formulation to Keep your Toilet Clean and Smelling Fresh. The ESSENTIAL OILS and LEMON GRASS Perfume give your toilet a SPA like feel. UNLIKE any other Toilet-Freshener its ANTIMICROBIAL, ANTIBACTERIAL and DISINFECTANT properties keep your Bathroom/Toilet Germ and Bacteria Free. Spritz 6-10 sprays inside your Bathroom/Toilet for a SPA like feel.

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