I love both of them and still remain close to them both as an adult

I love both of them and still remain close to them both as an adult

I love both of them and still remain close to them both as an adult

I may even take a trip to the local food bank. I don’t want to ask my parents to provide for me and my son. Believers, please pray for me. As for people who abuse the system, they’ll never have anything anyway. Trust me, if your tax dollars are helping me for a season, I’ll definitely come out of this on top! anon913

My mom was on welfare and my dad worked hard and paid child support. But I knew I didn’t want to be like my mom and depend on the system.

I worked through high school, saved for college, worked through college, and now have a job in the career field that I studied for. I am not rich by any means, but I get satisfaction Elgin IL escort girls knowing I’m a productive citizen. I enjoy being married and being a mommy also.

The man I married has a daughter with a woman who abuses the system. When my stepdaughter asked her why she doesn’t have a job, she simply stated, “I don’t have to work”.

She is on welfare and collects checks for two of her children being disabled. But that doesn’t stop her from having more, because she stated she is going to keep having kids. She just bought a brand new construction house, a brand new car and lives “better” than my husband and me.

She claims that is “her” money so she will disappear for days and weeks with boyfriends and go on trips, while other family members watch her kids.

She has seven kids total with three different dads (two of which are illegal immigrants who don’t pay child support), and she hasn’t ever worked a day in her life

Now my stepdaughter is facing college and as much as we would love to pay for the tuition difference that financial aid and scholarships won’t pay, it is tight for us since we have been paying child support (she chose to live with her mom after her mother abandoned her for 12 years. And yet her mother continues to bad mouth us parents who are both working and try to brainwash her daughter into thinking welfare is the way to go rather than college.

Still question that reasoning)

I am sad, frustrated, angry, and confused. The system was originally designed to help those in serious need, so they aren’t homeless and starving. In an ideal world, people would not procreate unless they could provide. In an ideal world, people would be honest and hardworking and not abuse the system.

I have called welfare several times to report fraud, and it makes me wonder if they are really doing their jobs to make sure things aren’t being abused. I am frustrated because I feel I am paying for this lazy no good woman to sit on her butt and feel entitled to continue reproducing and having taxpayers pay for it.

Church has gotten me through these times where I get angry. I want to lash out at her and others who abuse the system, but it is a waste of energy.

I pray the system gets better, I pray our country educates its citizens better, and I pray for the people who are truly using welfare the way it was designed– to get you back on your feet and provide for yourself. Until then, I can only focus on my family and continue to live my life as honest and good as I can. anon895

Dear 81096, Please do not speak of things of which you do not know. First off, your grammar stinks! And it’s hard to understand all that negative banter which you are spewing.