The fresh Elezen competition is among the elderly races in the Eorzea

The fresh Elezen competition is among the elderly races in the Eorzea

The fresh Elezen competition is among the elderly races in the Eorzea

Into the Finally Dream FFXIV: A domain Reborn , the sole competition who’s got advertised best rule everywhere Eorzea is actually the newest Elezen competition. So it competition appears just like the Miqo’te battle, but create zero error, they are a little different: Elezer was an elf eg battle. On the other hand, this new Elezen have the strongest feeling of award, cleverness and you may pride in the wonderful world of Last Fantasy XIV.

Wildwood Elezen

Brand new Wildwood Elezen inhabit the new Black colored Shroud (Gridania) plus Coerthas (Ishgard). He or she is enough time limb some body and just have highest ears (their appearance is elven) permitting them to provides a keen feeling of hearing. On the other hand, Wildwood exhibits a natural attraction that have magic.

Duskwight Elezen

The latest Duskwight are making their home regarding the tree caverns having years, mainly throughout the Black Shroud. They appear similar to the cousins. The sole differences ‘s the colour of the facial skin, that its instance is darker with regards to sorts of lifetime.

Hrothgar competition

Hrothgar ‘s the other race that made their debut inside the Last Fantasy: Shadowbringers , same as Hrothgar is another feline-such race, just like Miqo’te. With respect to the fandom games neighborhood , the look of Hrothgar reminds us out-of Kimarhri, the newest epic reputation regarding Last Fantasy x, therefore we agree.


The brand new Helions , in place of The Shed clan, features brown fur over all their bodies. From inside the old decades, The fresh Helions might possibly be based on the south area for Ilsabard however now reside in all Eorzea. The only reason for life for Helions is the king, for which he’s competent to set down its lives.

The Lost

The latest Missing will have come totally free heart someone, that have an effective nomadic existence unbound by desires of one’s monarch. The skin of Lost try light and grey, and are usually effective at finishing great travels simply on foot and dealing with lots of efforts, away from peddler to help you sellersword.

Lalafell battle

Lalaffel try, perhaps, the newest most adorable race inside the Last Fantasy 14. Of all the FFXIV races out-of Finally Fantasy XIV community, Lalafell ‘s the smallest, much like a beneficial dwarf, but fancy and children-like race. He or she is native to the islands of your own southern area waters, however, Lalafell found their roadway by way of strong trade pathways. Lalafell are welcoming men and women from overseas and, perhaps, the essential industrial competition in the wide world of Last Fantasy 14.

Lalafell lifestyle, mostly, for the Ul’dah, the good town of trade located in the desert out-of Thanalan, south off Aldenard. Papalymo, Tataru are a couple of Lalafells of Scions of your own Seventh Beginning. Papashan while the Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo of Ul’dah are a couple of quite accepted Lalafell.


Plainsfolk are common people into the Limsa Lominsa, for this reason , they paid where city years ago. In addition, Plainsfolk are mostly growers, however, constantly really near to Limsa Lominsa looking safeguards. He is quick plus they run out of stamina however they has actually a good high sharpness out-of notice and you will swiftness.


Dunesfolk is the founders of your great town of Ul’dah, previously called Belah’dia and Sil’dih. The fresh new Dunesfolk has JdД›te na tuto webovou strГЎnku actually a strong temperament, which is good for the company of this great town.

Hyur competition

Hyur is short for the most significant inhabitants in Eorzea. The fresh new Hyur have been shown to have started the first race so you’re able to attended compared to that continent from close isles and you will continents. Hyur was average throughout senses compared to almost every other events, truly and you will mentally, regarding build and peak. Hyur was a particularly short battle and you will travel long ranges into base. Hyur competition are put into a couple clans: the latest midlanders plus the highlanders.